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China Brew & Beverage 2020

13.-16. Oktober 2020, Kalendereintrag
Shanghai, Volksrepublik China
The China Brew China Beverage trade show is the biggest, most international, most professional and most influential flagship liquid food manufacturing and packaging trade show in the Asian-Pacific region and is widely accredited around the globe.

On behalf of BMWi, IMAG is organizer of the official German pavilion. Main organizer of the event is Messe München.
Messegelände: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
Produktpalette: - Beer processing technology and equipment: Material handling equipment, Saccharification and fermentation equipment,
Filtering and separation equipment, High concentration dilution equipment, Beer micro-brewing equipment
- Beverage processing technology and equipment: Material handling equipment, presser equipment, Extracting equipment,
Fragrance enhancing machine, Sterilization equipment, Condensing equipment, Mixing equipment
- Dairy production technology and equipment: UHT ultra high temperature sterilization, High pressure homogenizer, Separation
and fermentation equipment, Aseptic filling machine, Ice cream equipment
- Other alcohol production technology and equipment: Raw material handling equipment, Brewing equipment, Distilling and aging
Seasoning, edible oil and other liquid food production technologies and equipment
Liquid food filling packaging technology and equipment
- Liquid food can equipment: Bottle molds, Casting and bottle blowing equipment, Bottle, jar and box cleaning equipment, Bottle
filling and capping machine, PET bottle filling and capping machine, Aseptic filling equipment, Can and kettle filling equipment,
Sterilization equipment, Labeling machine, Code printing machine, Cardboard and shrink film packaging equipment, Multipacks
and multi-unit packages, Plastic crate palletizing equipment, Palletizing equipment, Robotics, Components for robots
- Process automation, Control and IT solution: Controlling technology and equipment, IT solution, Detecting system
- Peripheral technology and equipment: Water procurement and supplies, Waste water treatment, Heat exchangers, Ventilation
and air condition equipment, Weighing installation, Cooling, steam and electrical equipment, Beer and beverage vending
equipment, CIP system and other cleaning and sterilization equipment, Aseptic environment technology and equipment, Process
and fluid equipment, Tank and non-standard equipment, Resource renewal and environment protection equipment
- Parts and components: Drive system, motor, and other components for drive technology, Pumps, valves, pipes and fittings,
Electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic components, Chains and mesh belts
- Containers and Packaging materials: Plastic containers, Glass containers, Metal containers, Closures, Beer preserving and
insulation kegs, Labels, caps and cocks, Plastic circulation boxes and trays
- Logistics and transportation equipment: Order picking equipment, Pallets, storage shelves, and other storage system and
equipment, Fork lift trucks, Conveying systems, Other In-house transport equipment
- Raw materials, agents and additives: Brewing barley, Hops/hops products, Enzymes, Malt, Emulsifying agents, Fruit juices and
pulp, Carbon dioxide, Preservative, Other raw materials, additives and agents
- Liquid food production processing clean: Production processing cleaning solution, Detergent, Cleaning equipment, Pest control,
Work cloths cleaning protection, Workshop / environment cleaning, Ventilation
system cleaning solution, sewage treatment, system cleaning, Cold storage cleaning
- Others: Production safety, Laboratory equipment, Engineering consultation and technical support, Research, designing and
education institutions, Trade media, Professional utensils
Besucher: Fachbesucher
Turnus: biennial
Letzte Veranstaltung: 2018
Veranstalter / Mitveranstalter:
Unterstützt von: Ausstellungs- und Messe-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. (AUMA)
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)
Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. (VDMA)
Dt. Beteiligung: Bundesbeteiligung
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