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IAPEX 2019

14th International Auto Parts Exhibition 2019
9.-12. November 2019, Kalendereintrag
Teheran, Iran
The Iranian automotive industry is the second biggest sector in the country after Oil and Gas which makes more than 10 % of GDP. Iran is the biggest automotive manufacturing country in the Middle East. Iran is ranking number 15 of automobile production world wide. The IAPEX - 14th International Auto Parts Exhibition 2019 offers an excellent platform for the automotive supply industry in order to explore this growth market.
On behalf of BMWi, IMAG is organizer of the official German pavilion.
Messegelände: Tehran International Permanent Fairground
Produktpalette: Automotive parts & components including engine and mechanical systems, gearbox, exhaust, axle, steering, braking, suspension and body systems, electric & electronic systems, tires & wheels; Automotive accessories including interior trimming, car audio & video systems, navigation & telecom systems, air conditioning systems, safety and vehicle security Systems; Measuring, testing and control devices & Systems; Maintenance & repair, garage, workshop & workstation equipment; Car care products; Paints, lubricants, additives and other auto supplies; Related manufacturing technology, machinery, equipment and Tools; Related computer systems and Software;
Publications and other related Services; Alternate fuel conversion Equipment, Carwash machinery and related material and products, repair and mechanic shops, related machinery and Equipment; Tire puncture seal technology; Tire balance machines; Automatic car wash units; Diagnostic tools; Off-road and 4x4 equipment; Tuning and option equipment; Exotic and luxurious car accessories; Unmount-able, fast tire puncture cure (mending) systems
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Turnus: Annually
Letzte Veranstaltung: 2018: Visitors: 32.703; exhibitors: 700; space (net): 26.085,00 sqm
Veranstalter / Mitveranstalter: IMAG GmbH
Unterstützt von: Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (VDA)
Dt. Beteiligung: Länderbeteiligung
Projektleitung: Viola Baumgärtner
Tel.: +49/89/552912-337
E-Mail: viola.baumgaertner@imag.de
Projektleitung dt. Beteiligung:

Viola Baumgärtner
Tel.: +49/89/552912-337
E-Mail: viola.baumgaertner@imag.de

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