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International Exhibition of Logistics & Supply Chain, Related Industries and Equipment
May 28-31, 2020, calendar entry
Tehran, Iran
Due to the economic development and world trade and the efforts of countries to increase access to world markets, transportation has a special status as one of the key issues in the development of communications and political, cultural and commercial cooperation. In this regard, Iran has a strategic position as the most important trade route between Asia and Europe along the North–South Transport Corridor. Therefore with governmental support, we can play a significant role to facilitate international activities and provide good conditions for the cooperation of logistics companies with hubs of economic and commercial activities in the world.

The objectives of the exhibition:
• Introduction of logistics and transportation industry capabilities in knowledge generation and production in line with Resistive Economy
• Identification of the potential of logistics and supply chain management, transportation industry, equipment and related services, and appropriate utilization of existing capacity and facilitating productivity, employment and entrepreneurship
• Establishing and improving the export approach of non-oil products to other countries, especially the eastern and northern neighbors through the corridor
• Bringing together the network of logistics activists and presenting the latest achievements and technology of the world in the transportation industry, equipment and related services
• Extensive use of advertisement to increase reputation and introduction of participants with the opportunity to conclude contracts, development of economic activities of domestic and foreign participants
• Active and dynamic information through holding conferences, meetings and seminars related to the field of logistics, supply chain and transportation industry and business network.
• Dynamic engagement and collaboration with prestigious universities and reference organizations and knowledge-based institutions at the national and international levels
• Helping the development and establishment of a business network in Iran and other countries of the region
Location: Tehran International Permanent Fairground
Opening hours:
Product range: Logistics Services
• Freight services
• Ports/terminal operators
• Customs services, shipping services
• Warehouses
• Post & express delivery services
• Consulting services
• Repair and maintenance, packaging and transportation security
• Pallets and cargo safety by strap, strip, rope, chain and etc.
• Instruments of weight measurement (weighbridge)
• Light & heavy vehicle

Warehousing Equipment & Material Transportation
• Categorizing, movable categorizing systems
• Goods transfer systems
• Warehousing equipment and furniture
• Packaging, pallets, materials and goods storage containers and conveyor systems
• Cranes, warehousing vehicles & machinery
• Process control system for storage and distribution
• Weighing systems, automation and warehouse control
• Storage structure, technique & equipment
• Prefabricated metal structures
• Warehousing management systems, distribution & loading
• Environmentally friendly warehouse (green) & packaging solutions

• Companies, channels, vehicles, distribution and loading facilities
• Trading companies
• Land, rail, marine, aerial and combined transportation companies
• Transportation organizations

Logistics equipment
• Container/tank & bulk services
• Transportation/industrial vehicles
• Factory/warehousing automation
• Material handling equipment & automatic equipment
• Loading & emptying the consignment equipment
• Ramps & equipment
• Loader, crane, terminal tractor & accessories
• Heavy transportation, Fuel logistics
• Consultation & project management, infrastructure providers
• Industrial facilities & real estate management
• Multipurpose freight forwarding services

Information & communication systems, IT software & solutions
• IT software & solutions, data processing system
• Automatic identification system and equipment
• Identification, coding & labeling system
• Route programming, positioning & navigation system
• Information technology & equipment, security solutions
• Digital radio communication system
• Databases and information systems
• Dynamic positioning system for logistics & transportation
• Dynamic positioning control system & equipment in ports, airports, terminals and in IT security infrastructure

Integrated traffic management systems (ITMS)
• Operating and planning, paths and information systems
• Transportation management systems
• Operating & communication systems for rail traffic
• Information centers / traffic management Control
Frequency: Annually
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Organizer / Co-Organizer: IMAG GmbH
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Project management: Viola Baumgärtner
Tel.: +49 89 552912-337
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