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International trade fair starts again after a break

IranConMin invites the world of construction and mining to Tehran

After a four-year break, IranConMin again opens its doors from 17th to 20th October 2014. Together with its long-standing partners Palar Samaneh and IranMineHouse, IMAG, Internationaler Messe- und Ausstellungsdienst – the oldest German company for trade fairs abroad – is organizing this international trade fair for construction and mining in Tehran.

The fair’s objective is to follow on from the successes of the past. Since 1994, IranConMin has taken place every two years and is constantly developing.

In 2010, half of the exhibitors came from abroad including market leaders like Liebherr, Hess, Hyundai, Sermak and Komatsu. 15 countries were represented. The exhibition area was approx. 15,000 square meters. Almost 30,000 trade visitors informed themselves about the latest trends in the construction, mining and natural-stone industry.

In 2014 too, IranConMin will again be the central trade-fair venue for experts from all over the world, the event where the latest developments are presented and discussed for four days. Group participations from Italy, China and Germany have already confirmed they will be taking part.

“In our estimation, many German and European companies are waiting for the conditions for trade relations with Iran to become easier again in order to resume or build up their business anew”, said Peter Bergleiter, Managing Director of IMAG, at a function with Iranian partners in Tehran.

To provide a trade-fair venue in the cooperation between German and international companies with Iranian industry and commerce in other business areas, too – and in keeping with the tradition of German trade-fair participations – IMAG is involved in two further events in Iran this year.

Firstly there is the Tehran International Industry Exhibition (TIIE), which takes place at the beginning of October before IranConMin; secondly, the Tehran Auto Parts International Exhibition (IAP), which begins at the end of November. 

IMAG – long-standing exhibition partner in Iran

In October 1960, IMAG already organized the first joint exhibition by German companies in Iran. As part of the German Industrial Exhibition back then, 468 exhibitors presented their innovations on approx. 18,500 sq.m. This event was therefore one of the biggest German trade exhibitions worldwide.

“So IMAG’s business relations with Iran go back 54 years – a tradition we would now like to cultivate more intensively once again”, said Mr. Bergleiter.

In 1990, IMAG invested in an exhibition hall in Tehran – the “German Hall”. The architecture of this hall was extremely modern with a clear structure and great height – and yet with few pillars. To this day, it is the venue for many international trade-fair participations.

In the year 2005, the World Mining Congress & Expo took place in Tehran. In cooperation with IranMineHouse, IMAG took on the organizing and holding of the exhibition accompanying the congress – with 319 exhibitors from 19 countries. There were joint participations from Great Britain, India, Poland, Russia, Spain, South Africa and Germany. About 30,000 visitors attended.

In addition, IMAG has organized many German trade-fair participations in Iran, e.g. for IranConMin, IranMed, TIIE, IranPlast, Environment, the automobile show TIAF and the International Fair, sometimes with more than 100 German exhibitors and trade delegations.

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Logo IranConMin 2014

From 17th to 20th October 2014, IranConMin again opens its doors.  (Photo: IMAG)


IranConMin 2010

IranConMin 2010 in Tehran (Photo: IMAG)


Imag Iran 1960

In 1960, IMAG already organized the first joint exhibition by German companies in Iran. (Photo: IMAG)



IranConMin invites the world of construction and mining to Tehran

Logo IranConMin 2014

IMAG IranConMin 2010

Imag Iran 1960