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Sister trade fairs in other regions of China meet the high demand for exhibiting in the machine tool industry

After the CIMT is before ...

It is estimated that the 110 largest display items of the German exhibitors at this year's China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) in Beijing weighed 1,060 tons. The "Made in Germany" machines consumed about 9,200 kW of electricity during the five exhibition days from April 17th to 22nd. The largest machine tool trade fair in China was once again bursting at the seams this year; nevertheless, the exhibitors and trade fair organizers once again mastered the challenges that were involved. A total of 226 exhibitors from Germany participated.

"This is another 12 percent more German exhibitors than at the last CIMT two years ago," says Peter Bergleiter, Managing Director of IMAG GmbH, the German representative of the Chinese organizer. "This means that Germany represents more than a quarter of the exhibitors from abroad," says Bergleiter. For years, Germany has been by far the largest partner of the trade fair. The quality of German machine tool technology continues to be a top priority in foreign countries – especially in China.

Interest in German key technology is continuing to grow, but the exhibition is no longer able to expand at the Beijing site. "It's just full," summarizes Bergleiter.

Sister exhibitions allow for a stronger presence

One way to compensate for the lack of space is to also use the sister trade fairs in other regions of China. The organizer of the CIMT – the China Machine Tool and Tool Builders' Association (CMTBA) – is organizing the 2018 China CNC Machine Tool Fair (CCMT) in Shanghai already for the tenth time. The CCMT takes turns with the CIMT in a two-year rhythm. The CCMT has also grown steadily in the last few years; it has meanwhile become just as important as the CIMT in Beijing and might even be bigger than it in 2018. The organizers are planning an exhibition space of 135,000 square meters. In comparison: the CIMT 2017 took place on 131,000 square meters.
The German Federal Ministry of Economics has also recognized the growing role of the CCMT and included it in its foreign trade program for the first time in 2016. The subsidized German joint stand is intended to also enable small and medium-sized companies to have a cost-effective and efficient presence at the trade fair. Stands from twelve to 100 square meters in size will be sponsored. Approximately 1,500 exhibitors and 160,000 visitors are expected at the event from April 9 to 13, 2018 at the SNIEC in Shanghai.


The CMTBA will launch another (new) machine tool fair in 2017. The China Chongqing International Machine Tool Show (CCIMT) will take place for the first time from November 13 to 16. This trade fair brings together national and international industry giants in China's growing technology region of Chongqing in south-western China. Chongqing is China's province with the largest economic growth (2015: +11 percent). Above all, automobiles, motorcycles and computers are produced here. The fair is expected to attract around 50,000 visitors.
Registering for the CCMT and CCIMT is already possible via IMAG.


More information about the CIMT can be found at

More information about the CCMT can be found at

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The CIMT 2017 was bursting at the seams

Photo: IMAG GmbH



The CIMT 2017, the trade fair for tool machines, took place on 131,000 square meters.

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German Stand CIMT 2015_267

Germany was represented at the CIMT 2017 with a total of 226 exhibitors. Many took advantage of the joint stand sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economics under the motto "made in Germany".
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Opening Ceremony of the CIMT 2017
Photo: IMAG GmbH



Visitor at the stand of DMG Mori at the CIMT 2017
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Entrance CIMT 2017_kl.jpg

Entrance area of the CIMT 2017
Photo: IMAG GmbH